operate at low cost to serve
gain insight and control
on your business operations

Why choose for byNeuron?

Intense competition

Intense competition

Do you also need to operate at a low cost to serve? While improving your profitability?

Do you want to focus more on your customer to be competitive?

Complex regulation

Complex regulation

Do you want to have more insight and traceability in your processes internally and externally?

Distributed Energy

Distributed energy

Do you also want to extend your service portfolio with new services around distributed energy? Embed services around solar, battery, CHP, Smartgrids?

Do you also want to optimize energy for your customers? Influencing HVAC, thermostats, EV and Lighting?

Ensure Contract Fulfillment

Ensure contract fulfillment

  • NContract Lifecycle Management is fully automated using configurable processes. It creates significant improvements in efficiency by scaling down manual tasks and avoids human error.
  • NYou get insight into every detail of what is in the contract of the customer.
  • NUsing Insights, you get a glance at contract statuses, current profitability, and other interesting KPI metrics.
  • NUsing Contract 360 diminishes costs and time needed for contract administration due to a standardized process following each task in the contract lifecycle.
Invoice Lifecycle Management

INvoice lifecycle management

  • NAutomate your billing & invoice cycle event-based on received data instead of the old-fashioned batch invoice runs.
  • NPresent clear invoices every time, no matter which type: advance notes, monthly, yearly invoices,….
  • NEnsure timely cash collection by automation of invoice creation for all billable orders, including one-time and recurring fees
Invoice Lifecycle Management
Flexible Template Management

flexible template management and configuration

Create your own invoice templates using Microsoft Word, using no plugins. End-users, business analysts can design and edit document templates themselves. (Requires ENGAGE Output Management).You have the ability to invoice your customers in different ways as well as drill down their details to invoice lines so you can see their status and find out what went wrong.

Meter Data Management

Meter data management

  • NInsight in all your measurement data for consumption/production, such as meter readings, volumes, and estimations. Validate, estimate, and edit your metering data in line with regulatory requirements.
  • NApply different formulas (profiles, device-specific definitions...) to your readings.
  • NAutomated forecasting of consumption/production data, with automatic task assignment if consumption data is not readily available.
Meter data management
Energy Asset Management


  • NSee in real-time consumption and production of your different energy or commodity assets (electricity, gas, water, heat, cooling).
  • NHave direct insight into alerts related to your energy assets so that you can take immediate action.
  • NBased on your insights, remotely control your energy assets to save time and money, and avoid local interventions.
  • NUnderstand asset conditions and operating trends.
  • NFollow-up on incidents with your energy assets, plan schedule and organize service requests, and follow-up on your external partners servicing the assets.
Multi-site Management

Multi-site management

  • NCentralize operations and maintenance data across your portfolio and / or sites
  • NHave all your energy asset, work order, energy, and IoT data in one platform, ready for use
  • NBenchmark your data across your sites.
Operate at a low cost Multi-site Management
Market Messaging


  • NMonitoring all market processes (e.g. switching) going in and out to stay in control and act swiftly if there is an error signaled.
  • NCommunication with different markets through different channels.
  • NFull market support - Process driven integration into your Backoffice Processes

A combination of different modules

Contract Fulfillment module operate at low cost

Contract Fulfillment

Automated orchestration of contract arrangements, fully customisable for your products and your business. Think of installation orders, purchasing or customer welcome journeys.

Invoicing module operate at low cost


Operate at a low cost by using flexible and automated billing processes, with easy to use invoice templates in Word.

Meter Data Management module operate at low cost

Meter Data Management

Manage different types of (sub) meters and monitor/validate incoming meter readings to ensure high data quality.

Market Messaging module

Market Messaging

Easy set up and traceability for market messaging scenario’s and exchange of master- and measurement data.

Multi-site Management module operate at low cost

Multi-site Management

Create hierarchical structures for your buildings, sites, assets and organizations and benchmark on different metrics like energy usage, efficiency or costs.

Energy Asset Management module operate at low cost

Energy Asset Management

Insight in your energy assets with standardized dashboards and key metrics and take action to operate and optimize your assets.


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