Master Data Definitions

Define master data based of your own business domain models and define rules and operations


View your data in interlinked 360 views and configurable dashboard insights

Real-time integration

Validate and enrich with event-driven processing in synchronous or asynchronous way

Domain Model

Build for the energy market with extensible entities, relations, transactions and reference data

Integrated Timeseries
& Master Data

Provide immediate and relevant context with master data for an enriched timeseries data warehouse

IoT Enabled

Integrate real-time timeseries data from IoT devices, edge gateways


Configure and customize the components and processes to tailor to your business and your customers


Utilize our API's to build your solutions easily. Enable integration with external systems.


Secured with OAuth 2.0, the industry-standard protocol and integrate your own authentication providers

Fast Time to Market

Deliver value to your users and customers faster and cheaper, by deploying changes quickly

Lower Cost to Serve

Reduce costs by automation and lower infrastructure footprint


Grow your business with a platform optimised for performance and high load

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