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Different forces in the energy transition

Different forces in the energy transition are changing the market fundamentally

Challenges and opportunities for energy and real estate companies

Which leads to different challenges and opportunities for energy and real estate companies

energy and real estate companies facing the complexity of energy transition

New clean technologies can accelerate the energy transition, but bring additional complexity for energy and real estate companies

How do we solve these challenges?

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Energy and real estate companies need to innovate


Disrupt your market: create new offerings fast and reliable, and increase your time to market.
Our byNeuron ENERGY platform allows you to do just that:

  • NCreate new products, offerings, special bundles fast and easy - re-using previously created arrangements
  • NEnsure that the products, offerings you create are billable and compliant with your internal and external regulations
  • NUse guided selling processes for your internal, external and partner sales people
  • NTo quickly adapt offer and contract templates
  • NDiscover new business model opportunities, based on your operational data (gathered through IoT, external data sources,...) and put it to work
Engage solution


Digital customer experience, the interactions of your customers with your company, are the drivers in the customer lifecycle and improve retention rates. This makes customer and partner engagement a top priority for your company. byNeuron is build to ensure that engagement with your customers and partners.
  • NIt provides out of the box portals for your customers, agents, and partners. Both typical administrative data like contracts, invoices are available for your customers, but also real-time IoT monitoring data of their energy assets can be integrated.
  • NAre you also tired of those blackbox fill-out forms? Our Customer Portal foresees process-driven service requests, where the customer is able to see where you are processing his requests.
  • NWould you like to upsell new offerings to the customer? Put them in the market place, and guide your customer automatically through the journey to add new offerings to his contract.
Engage solution
Operate solution


Gain insight and control on your business operations and become more profitable.

  • NAutomatic fulfillment of contracted services and products
  • NHave insight, keep control and intervene where necessary
  • NKeep track of work items and service orders internal and external
  • NManage complex scenario's with standardized modules and processes
  • NUse dashboards to keep an eye on your most important metrics
  • NValidate at point of data entry to prevent errors further in the value chain
  • NPlan revenue ahead by with invoice orders per contract
Integrate solution


Avoid IT complexity and development costs and enable access to diverse data sources through byNeuron CONNECT. Our Connect module as part of the platform connects different systems operating on separate platforms that each play an integral role in your business and as such avoid data loss, disjointed information, and misalignment.

With a diversity of features:

  • NDefine your own read API's to transform information as you wish
  • NExtend our datamodel to cope with your requirements
  • NIntegrate microservices or serverless functions natively in your process flows, without loosing track of the end-2-end value chain
  • NYou can streamline the full integration lifecycle and bend it to your wishes.
Integrate solution

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