Use your IoT data and energy assets
to boost your commercial
and operational success

A vertical integrated modular cloud platform

that combines IoT and energy assets

with your commercial and operational business

in one scalable cloud solution

Meet byNeuron, our integrated modular cloud platform

Cloud platform

byNeuron is a unique vertically integrated and modular #energytech and #proptech platform. It is a modern ERP and IoT solution for Energy and Real Estate companies. But modules can also be  implemented separately and integrate seamless with your existing application landscape

Energy and Real Estate ERP

The platform is targeted towards the energy and real estate market and supports different functional domains: from commercial operations (product management, pricing and quoting, contract fulfilment) to back-office operations (invoicing, meter data management) and market messaging for energy suppliers.

byNeuron supports commodity (electricity, gas, water, heat…) and non-commodity products and services (solar panels, maintenance services…) as well.

IoT and timeseries solution

Next to the ERP modules, byNeuron can actively manage and operate energy assets on 1 or multiple sites or buildings.

Using our IoT module, timeseries data can be handled in one and the same platform creating new opportunities for both Energy and Real Estate companies.

Platform principles

We designed the platform with the following key-principles in mind:

User Centric

Always find your information quickly, focus on customer journeys  and persona-driven portals for sales, customers, partners

Product Driven

Always manage products end-to-end in a domain driven way and guarantee correct and timely processing from sales to invoice

Process Driven

Always have end-to-end visibility in all processes, whether those are quotations, invoice runs, or market-related processes and be able to intervene when necessary

modular cloud platform


byNeuron is a future-proof modular cloud platform:

  • NEasily adaptable to new market regulations, new market models, and amended to new standards within the industry
  • NScalable in a pay as you grow model to boost your growth
  • NTransparant design and open to integrate with other platforms by means of connectors and through well-documented API's
Process & Compliance platform


byNeuron enables Process & Compliance transparency: 

  • NInsight, transparency, and audit trace on all processes deployed within the platform
  • NDefine your own "way of working" codified by your processes
  • NAnalysis of your way of working by advanced analytics on both your processes and data
Process & Compliance modular cloud platform
Cost effective Modular cloud platform


byNeuron ENERGY is a cost-effective platform: 

  • NFast-Track implementation using predefined process templates and configurations
  • NAvoid high amounts of IT development customization costs
  • NProduct and Process configurations are supported with end-2-end design in mind to secure a lower cost to server per access point and/or asset
  • NSaaS model: avoid large upfront development investments
Customer centric platform


byNeuron is built around Customer Centricity 

  • NEnsure top-notch customer service and resulting customer satisfaction, as a result of a 360 view on every area of your customer, extended with a strong online self-service capability
Customer centric modular cloud platform

Combine our modular cloud platform to fit your use case


  • NDesign your contract and product arrangements once, and re-use them to build different products you can offer to your customers
  • NBundle different product modules to create specific offerings
  • NCreate commodity products like electricity, gas, water, heat. But also non-commodity products and services like one-time, or subscription-based are supported. Even combined is possible
  • NManage various price lists and pricing calculations. Different methods are supported, like one-time fees, subscription pricing, usage-based pricing, tiered and/or volume-based pricing
  • NDefine your own custom calculation flows to tailor to your needs
  • NSetup your products end-to-end: only sell what can be invoiced and invoice what you have sold!
  • NDesign contract templates with your own branding, using MS Word


  • NCreate quotes in a couple of minutes
  • NQuote products and services using process-driven wizards: guide the user, prevent manual mistakes, and have continuous insight in the whole sales lifecycle
  • NEnable instant proposal generation directly from your public website
  • NDesign comprehensive pricing schemes and calculate within seconds with the flexible and scalable calculation engine
  • NTrack & trace prices: customer sales vs procured prices
  • NCalculate automatically your sales margins, commissions per quote

Contract fulfillment

  • NHave a 360 view on every contract with insight into related parties (customers, sales partners, service partners), invoices, operational processes, complaints, open tasks. It is all at your fingertips!
  • NAutomated contract delivery ensures seamless contract fulfillment based on your product choices and configuration: once a contract is activated, our process engines will do the work for you
  • NHandle contract changes easily during the entire contract lifecycle
  • NEnable auto-renewals on expiring contracts
  • NKeep an eye on profitability for every single contract with the Insights dashboard


  • NFlexible and automated billing & invoicing processes depending on your product configuration
  • NSet up different invoice types, like subscriptions, settlement, budget bill and advance notes, credit and one-time invoices
  • NEvent-based billing & invoicing, for example when onboarding a customer or when a contract ends
  • NSupport for multiple pricing schemes, cost allocation mechanisms
  • NInvoice delivery to your customers through different channels: customer portal, mail, print
  • NFollow-through with full Invoice Lifecycle management and insights.
  • NDesign invoice templates with your own branding, using MS Word

Meter data management

  • NManage different types of meters and monitor incoming data to ensure high data quality
  • NHave insight in all your meter readings and volumes in one overview including forecasts and validations
  • NDefine or customize your processes to collect meter readings manually from your customers or automatically read smart meters
  • NAutomate meter reading estimations in line with regulatory requirements
  • NAutomate forecasting of production/consumption data with automatic handling if data is not available

Market messaging

  • NMonitor incoming and outgoing messages with other market players and keep them in control.
  • NCatch exceptions, assign to the correct responsible to solve and continue
  • NExecute and monitor market customer processes (switching, move-in, end of supply, etc)
  • NMarket regulatory tariffs, grid fees and tax calculations are available and ready to use in your Product Modules
  • NAdapt easily to changes in regulations, update your interfaces with the different market parties and change processes

Multi-site management

  • NView all your sites in an overview map
  • NDefine hierarchical structures for your sites, buildings, assets, and organizations to view your measurement and IoT related data from different angles
  • NBenchmark your metrics like energy usage, efficiency, costs
  • NDefine your own virtual power plants and control your assets per site fully remote, based on your defined algorithms per site
  • NDefine your own site dashboards, including overview maps, charts and KPI's centralized per site

Energy Asset Management

  • NHave insight into the performance of your energy assets (or any other type of measured asset) using standardized dashboards and key metrics
  • NTake action in case of alerts and/or anomalies using our alert stream processors and define your "healthy" benchmarks
  • NRemotely control your assets, or automate remote actions based on different input signals (pricing, peak alerts, ...)
  • NDefine specific processes linked to your assets to handle maintenance, customer service requests, installations and support
  • NConfigurable Process Handling for Maintenance, Service, Installation
  • NUsing automated process actions, you can reduce energy asset downtime and costs

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Fast Track to Success

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Fast track Agile Delivery
Iterative implementation of products, processes, and connectors

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