Engage with your customers
reduce time to market with new offerings
and optimize your customer journeys

Why choose for byNeuron?

Intense competition

Intense Competition

Are you also experiencing increased competition in your market?

Are you looking for ways to differentiate yourself from the competition by delivering new services and provide a frictionless service experience to your customer?

Connected customer

Connected Customer

Do you want to strengthen your relationship with the customer?

Are you looking for one integrated view on all information and communications with your customers?



Do you also want to fasten the energy transition by exploiting current and new technologies?

Do you want to build communities with your customers to interact around sustainability topics?

In today’s fast-moving and highly connected world, we move to a new sales paradigm and engagement with customers. Today it is about acquiring the customer, service them in the most delightful way possible, and do everything to retain them to improve and augment the customer lifetime value. At the same time, it is also essential to optimize your employee experience: happy employees make happy customers. Provide your employees with the tools to provide your customers with the best experience.

Multichannel output to engage with your customers


Engage with your customers through the channels they prefer the most, from email to phone, to video, or through bots.



Define your customer journeys using process-driven UI wizards in such a way that you can fulfill your customer’s needs and deliver fast service. Do this without jeopardizing internal process compliance, and save time. No manual work.

  • NFocus on exceptions only
Self-service engage with your customers
Use Continuous intelligence to engage with your customers


Build your wizards to guide customers and employees throughout your defined processes, using visual BPMN process modeling and configuration tools.

Avoid black boxes; everything in the byNeuron platform is handled as a process, providing your with immediate insight into what is happening, track down for analysis purposes, and improve your processes to optimize your service for your customers.

A combination of different modules

Customer Administration module

Customer Administration

Takes having the best customer journey and service at heart by providing real time data.

Engage with your customers Interaction Portals module

Interaction Portals

Self-service online portals to enable customers with all their relevant information and to give partners the ability to easily create new customers and contracts.

Multi-channel Communication module

Multi-channel Communication

Easily create, generate, and manage documents for multi-channel communication purposes. 

Continuous Intelligence module

Continuous Intelligence

Design and build your own processes in byNeuron, whilst being able to integrate 3rd party applications.

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