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Why choose for byNeuron Energy?

The energy market has evolved to complex networked model which causes different challenges for all players in the energy market:

  • Exponentially increase of new technologies
  • Search for new business models to increase profitability
  • The ever-increasing complexity of new market regulations to be implemented
  • And a major move toward sustainable energy solutions

Energy suppliers and service providers are pushed to search for new integrated energy solutions to support and tackle these challenges.

Integrated energy solutions

zelospark has built a next-generation #energytech platform, which is highly configurable and supports both energy (asset) management & customer administration processes (quoting, contracting, invoicing) in one technology stack.

A combination of different modules

Product Management module

Product Management

 Easy set up of (non-)commodity products and services to enable new  revenue streams. Not only to sell, but with the guarantee for flawless operations and commissioning of assets.

Pricing & Quoting module

Pricing & Quoting

Model complex price structures using highly granular timeseries data and still create a quote in seconds!

Contract Fulfillment module

Contract Fulfillment

Automated orchestration of contract arrangements, fully customisable for your products and your business. Think of installation orders, purchasing or customer welcome journeys.

Invoicing module


Flexible and automated billing processes, with easy to use invoice templates in Word.

Meter Data Management module


Manage different types of (sub) meters and monitor/validate incoming meter readings to ensure high data quality. 

Integrated energy solutions for Market Messaging


Easy set up and traceability for market messaging scenario’s and exchange of master- and measurement data.

Integrated energy solutions for Multi-site Management


Create hierarchical structures for your buildings, sites, assets and organizations and benchmark on different metrics like energy usage, efficiency or costs.

Integrated energy solutions for Asset Management


Insight in your energy assets with standardized dashboards and key metrics and take action to operate and optimize your assets.


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