What is byNeuron ENERGY?

byNeuron ENERGY is a Meter-to-Cash solution which integrates different activity domains, including non-commodity services (solar panels, maintenance services…) with a focus on:

  • User Centricity – Persona driven portals, for example for sales, customers, advisors…
  • Product-Driven – End-2-end guaranteed product management from sales to invoice
  • Process-driven – End-2-end visibility in all processes, for example: market switching, invoice run, quotation

It is fully automated, so your employees only need to focus on exceptions. As a result of the easy implementation, you can integrate external data feeds like pricing, in order to speed up quotations easily. No upfront platform investment is required. Unprecedented control with the integrated business intelligence and analytics design

byNeuron ENERGY is a future-proof platform: 

  • Easily adaptable to new market regulations, new market models, and amended to new standards within the industry 
  • Scalable in a pay-as-you-grow model to boost your growth 
  • Transparent design and open to integrate with other platforms by means of connectors and through well-documented API’s 

byNeuron ENERGY enables Process & Compliancy transparency: 

  • Insight, transparency, and audit trace on all processes deployed within the platform 
  • Define your own “way of working” codified by your processes 
  • Analysis of your way of working by advanced analytics on both your processes and data 

byNeuron ENERGY is a cost-effective platform: 

  • Fast-Track implementation using predefined process templates and configurations 
  • Avoid high amounts of IT development customization costs 
  • Product and Process configurations are supported with end-2-end design in mind to secure a lower cost to server per access point and/or asset 
  • SaaS model: avoid large upfront development investments 

byNeuron ENERGY is build around Customer Centricity 

  • Ensure top notch customer service and resulting customer satisfaction, as a result of a 360 view on every area of your customer, extended with a strong online self-service capability

How will byNeuron ENERGY help you?

“Off the shelf”

byNeuron ENERGY is a software solution for contracting, billing, meter data management and market messaging to avoid home-build or custom build software that is very expensive to maintain and adapt 


byNeuron ENERGY is highly configurable without the need for developers, and it accommodates energy supplier specific end-to-end process implementation 


byNeuron ENERGY provides continuous insight in the running processes out of the box. Gone are the days that you need a lot of support to figure out how to solve exceptions in the system 

“Modular and API focused” 

byNeuron ENERGY plays nicely with external systems, through API’s or standard or specific connectors byNeuron ENERGY integrates with different systems, either other IoT platforms, Finance software, or Sales platforms. It can be integrated without losing track of what happens in the system 

“Business Model Transition” 

byNeuron ENERGY supports the energy transition towards more and more renewable energy sources, rethinking the old business models: byNeuron Energy allows to contract different product offerings, whether these are commodity or non-commodity related, one-off offerings, or recurring subscription models. 

“Decrease Cost to Serve” 

byNeuron ENERGY helps to decrease the cost to serve per access point or asset by automating as much as possible while keeping insight in the automation and enables to track the profitability of your customers, contacts, and assets in portfolio.


Our solutions 


 Easy set up of (non-)commodity products and services to enable new  revenue streams. Not only to sell, but with the guarantee for flawless operations and commissioning of assets.


Model complex price structures using highly granular timeseries data and still create a quote in seconds!


Automated orchestration of contract arrangements, fully customisable for your products and your business. Think of installation orders, purchasing or customer welcome journeys.


Flexible and automated billing processes, with easy to use invoice templates in Word.


Manage different types of (sub) meters and monitor/validate incoming meter readings to ensure high data quality. 


Easy set up and traceability for market messaging scenario’s and exchange of master- and measurement data.


Create hierarchical structures for your buildings, sites, assets and organizations and benchmark on different metrics like energy usage, efficiency or costs.


Insight in your energy assets with standardized dashboards and key metrics and take action to operate and optimize your assets.



High performing deal capture. Set up your IoT energy assets for optimal use of trading markets. Connect to external trading parties for automatic bidding.