Customer Case: Hezelaer Energy

Customer Case: Hezelaer Energy

Hezelaer Energy is a partner in crime in the field of energy transition with a focus on the (large) business sector. They provide strong energy management and their energy coaches give comprehensible advice on smart digitalisation and increasingly stringent legislation. Since a few months, the company has been working with the byNeuron ENERGY platform and we speak with Björn Fiedeldij, founder and co-owner of Hezelaer Energy. How do you like our platform and the cooperation?

During an energy trade fair, Björn came into contact with zelospark. They had been looking for a new solution with more possibilities for the future for some time. “Our products and services have expanded enormously in recent years, and we were unable to secure them all within the existing platform. We therefore wanted to be able to on-board, contract and invoice multiple products multi-brand,” says Björn. This was possible in the byNeuron ENERGY platform and a cooperation followed.

Unique features of the byNeuron platform

Björn also mentions other advantages of the platform in our conversation.
It is a big data platform in which energy flows can be monitored. This makes it possible to work with many different time series, calculations and other data that can be encapsulated. Another additional advantage is that we can design and classify processes ourselves. In summary, the system provides a nice toolbox in which we as a company can incorporate our entire business and the platform gives us opportunities to differentiate ourselves at customer level.”

The implementation is still in progress

At the moment, Hezelaer Energy is still working with us to set up all the processes within the platform on a workflow basis. Meanwhile, the customers of Hezelaer Energy do not notice anything of the implementation. “Only in a positive sense, the layout of the invoices is clean and you can pay immediately via iDeal for example,” adds Björn. For Hezelaer Energy, it means working more flexibly and responding more to the needs of the customer.

About the cooperation with zelospark

Björn enjoys working with us, he says. “I’m really very satisfied, they work fast and our questions are well answered.” Björn concludes by saying: “The byNeuron ENERGY platform is a future-proof system that allows you to deal professionally with big data. In addition, as an organisation you are able to model your own processes. This makes you flexible in an already rapidly changing world.”