Why choose for byNeuron ENERGY? 

The energy market has evolved to a more complex networked model which leads to different challenges to tackleSome of these challenges like the influx of new technologies, a search for new business models to increase profitability, the ever-increasing complexity of new market regulations to be implemented, and a major move toward sustainable energy solutions – push towards a search for new solutions to support solutions for these challenges. 

 zelospark has built a next-generation #energytech platform, which is highly configurable and supports both energy (asset) management & customer administration processes (quoting, contracting, invoicing) on one technology stack.

  • To support your customers with real-time energy monitoring, benchmarking, and energy asset steering
  • Proactive management
  • Maintenance: Service after delivery > TCO
  • ESCO: energy & asset management platforms can help build stronger business cases and manage risks
  • New business models: invoicing based on real-time measurement data improving cashflows
  • Be the single point of contact for your customer, and be in control of the maintenance partners in your contracts
  • Enable a 360 view on your customer to improve the customer experience
  • Energy Monitoring
  • IoT & decentralized data handling
  • Energy optimization
  • Better monitoring can help meet sustainability promise

Use case

Use Case Energy Asset Management

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