Unlock the unlimited potential
of integrating IoT hardware
and your own solutions

Why choose for byNeuron?

Legacy vs New Technology integrating IoT hardware

Legacy vs New Tech

Are you also blocked by old technology?

Do you want to integrate a modern digital experience while at the same time keep control?

Connected Customer through integrating IoT hardware

Connected customer

Do you want to embed the most modern communication platforms into your way of working?

Do you want to build a fantastic mobile experience?



  • NbyNeuron provides API's to manage master data in the platform. For specific needs you can define your own custom API and transform the data the way you like.
  • NWe also have API's for timeseries, to ingest, retrieve and calculate streams of data.


You can integrate and deploy your own microservices with specific business logic in the platform. Your microservices can make use of our core API’s to interact with the database, timeseries or business events. When your microservices are exposed, they can be orchestrated within the platform by processes or events. 

This way it is easy to embed specific business logic in your business processes and keep end-to-end insight.

Examples can be integrating IoT hardware with other software or specific calculation logic. 

Datamodel Extensions

Datamodel Extensions

Extend our datamodel with configurable extensions to support your needs or industry-specific use cases.

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