Standardized Dashboards​

Per energy asset device type dashboards and key metrics for performance are available out of the box

Reduce Energy Asset Downtime & Cost

Enable data and processes to ensure that your energy assets keep running at all time

Granular Measurement & Usage Forecasting​

Using different timeseries data streams as predictors, continuous forecasting can be provided​

Reduce Manual Work​

Using a visual modeler you can model processes to take the heavy-lifting work for you. ​

Ensure that all automated actions are taken, review feedback before anyone needs to take manual action​

Configurable validation rules​

Validation rules make sure that the right data gets into the platform and support detection of anomalies

Reduce engineer time on-site​

Remote monitoring and diagnosis, including actions can be taken fully remote so no engineer needs to be sent on-site

Energy Asset Insights & Analytics​

Create your own dashboards, connect to the information to do your own analytics for all your energy assets independent of manufacturer​

Faster Failure Resolution Times​

By building a library of automated processes, checks, documentation per energy asset type you can guide your engineers to a solution in an intuitive way​

Configurable Process Handling for Maintenance, Service, Installation​

Define your own processes (BPMN) in order to define how maintenance should be done, configure automatic provisioning yourself…