zelospark teams up with Tangent works

Tangent Works

Written by Frederik Baert

25 January 2021

zelospark partners with Tangent Works to enable their game-changing InstantML technology for advanced and adaptive energy forecasting and anomaly detection on top of the existing capabilities of the byNeuron platform.

At zelospark, we believe accurate, automated, and scalable forecasting and anomaly detection play a vital role in optimizing operations and reducing costs for all kinds of energy use cases. That’s why we’ve partnered with Tangent Works and their InstantML technology, a multi-award winner in the field of predictive models that are making forecasting accessible and productive for a broad range of these common energy use cases. 

As a predictive modeling game-changer for forecasting and anomaly detection, InstantML supports business users with its focus on value creation and ease of use. With InstantML, predictive analytics initiatives go beyond experimenting, to production in a fast, accurate, automated, flexible and explainable way.

“We are very excited to bring the revolutionary InstantML predictive model generation technology into our byNeuron ENERGY platform to support our customers,” said zelospark CEO Frederik Baert “With TIM, we support different use cases for energy suppliers: price forecasting, imbalance price forecasting, renewable energy production forecasting, handling of the correct working of renewable assets using anomaly detection, to ensure all energy assets in the portfolio are running optimally. For our byNeuron ENERGY IoT platform which already captures an enormous amount of time series data, it is a logical step to add advanced predictive analytics. By bringing forecasting and anomaly detection services to the business user, byNeuron ENERGY delivers rapid results at low start-up costs with a flexible and scalable solution.”

InstantML creates a paradigm shift beyond AutoML since all steps – including feature engineering, model building and tuning, backtesting, and model selection – are reduced to one single step. TIM’s unique level of automation and speed allows us to remove the complexity of data science and provide easy-to-use and explainable AI for scalable, dynamic, and real-time applications.

“Time series forecasting and anomaly detection are hard problems to solve. TIM makes it quick and easy for business users to benefit from predictive analytics,” said Tangent Works CEO Dirk Michiels. “Together with zelospark, we are bringing end-to-end predictive analytics solutions and consultancy to the energy and utility market in the Netherlands and Belgium.”

About zelospark

zelospark has a zealous focus to enable the transition to sustainable, affordable, and reliable energy, by building future proof software to enable companies in the energy and real estate market to innovate and create sustainable products and services. 


For more information go to www.zelospark.com or contact us at info@zelospark.com

About Tangent Works

Tangent Works was founded in 2014 by a team of data scientists and mathematicians who believed in the power of predictive modeling for optimizing operations and reducing costs but found that the existing methods were far too complex and slow for broad adoption. 

The Tangent Works’ mission is to de-mystify predictive modeling for forecasting and anomaly detection using our revolutionary InstantML technology and flexible TIM solution and make them accessible and productive for a broad range of users and use cases.

Tangent Works

For more information go to www.tangent.works or contact us at info@tangent.works 

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